Vanas Collection " The icons of faith in God "

My name is Ioannis - and my company's name " Vanas Collection " Artist Handmade in Greece (Athens). We have been dealing with painting for several years. All the products we exhibit here are handmade only by Artists from Vana's Collection and each is unique. There is "a non-line production". This means that my icons are not the same copy. We started out as a small eBay store in the early days of 2007 and has developed to a full business, Locally and web based, dedicated to offer Greek / Byzantine art objects of timeless beauty to the entire world. Using the unique, good Quality materials, Ioannis with her friends create these exquisite items of art, in 2 main categories. 1. Greek - Byzantine Religious Icons 2. Decoration Wreaths from Metal and other material. Of course, our customer has the capability for ordering any customized dimension, theme is possible after the contact with the customer for contraction customized artworks according to your wishes. Send me any questions that you have vanascollection [! at] After 2-3 hours i will answer you!